RedwoodTreeMusic Help Page

Well now .. this site is really just my collection of easy to play guitar songs. Most have in line chord prompts like this (C) .. (Am) .. etc and some are guitar tab notation
Click menu item 'MUSIC' to get started, now you have the music selection, click on a selection

Now you have menu item 'START' or 'RESTART'. Click and you should see the music gently auto scrolling as you play
You can set 'SP3' for scroll speed, click to set slower or faster, your device will remember each setting for you
Menu 'RESTART' will stop scroll and reset at top
Click menu item 'NOTE' and you will find context info about the song, and also play the song to you if available

You can enable or disable autoplay music from the 'HOME' page
You can enable or disable autoscroll from the 'HOME' page

Happy Guitar kind regards from John